“What little girls are made of…”

“…gunpowder and lead.”

I haven’t been here more than once a week for the past few weeks- too lost to even write, trying to start a new life- but now that I’m back, it’s hard to stop myself.

Even though the story from the song isn’t exactly my story, this is one of the most powerful songs about abuse I have heard. I love the lyrics, they always made me feel powerful.

One of the worst things in abuse is feeling like a kid that has done something wrong. Like you are being punished, diminished, and there’s nothing you can do.

But kids or now, we are powerful. And all of us who have known any kind of abuse  in our lives, we might struggle, but we will still end up powerful again.

The Brave One (2007) movie quotes

This is a movie about a woman who sees her partner being killed in front of her, and is brutally beaten up…and she ends up killing other people around the city who terrorize others. As I watched the trailer, I found her choices very far from me, but her reflections- dead on with all I was not always sure how to express.

I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I found quotes from it online and they just stuck in me. So true, so well said…and so close to the enormous feeling that overwhelms you once you realize something grand, something life-altering, has touched your life, in a way that rarely people can understand, and you can never go back.

Only figure out a way to go forward, and change to accommodate that new person inside of you.

Here are the quotes:

“It is astonishing, numbing, to find that inside you there is a stranger. One that has your arms, for legs, your eyes. A sleepless restless stranger who keeps walking, keeps eating, keeps living.”

“There are many ways to die. You have to figure out a way to live.”