Hey guys, so I’ve been going through a lot of changes (a lot of which I will blog about soon), but the biggest of all is that I’m moving. On Sunday, I will be in another country, another city, moving in with my boyfriend, and starting a whole new life.
I will still write in this blog as part of my SA recovery, but I felt it was a time to start a new one, one to reflect not on dealing with my past, but on putting together my present and building my new life. I’m sure it will bring a lot of challenges, but also a lot of beauty. I feel it’s only fitting to separate it in a new blog. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Always yours, Atlanta

The Nature Of Storms

As many of you may know, I’ve started the seeking africa blog as a kind of outlet of my recovery from SA, PTSD and depression.

For the most part, I have recovered. From the first moment the rape happened though, my life is inflicted by small and big ripple effects, and I’ve got a lot to work on.


I’m moving IN, with my boyfriend, and that’s not just a move.

On Sunday, I will be in another country, in another city, in another apartment, moving in with a guy for a first time in my life, and supporting myself without my parents on my freelancing earnings for a first time in my life. It’s a whole new life, filled with change.

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