Spring-Cleaning for Your Brain pt. 2

I’m one of those people that love taking over about 100 projects at the same time and complain of not having time to finish them. Time has thought me nothing.  The lesson of knowing when to say no is completely wasted on me.

Today, I order my room a tiny bit, but in a strange way, it’s a completely new, and unknown to me activity. I order in a way I never have before.

Usually, I try to find appropriate space for all, so that it can be accessible when I get to it. This time, I think first. I box everything that I can’t deal with right now, and/or for the next 3 months.

I cannot sort out all previous memories while I’m reflecting on a particular summer of my life. I won’t get to studying 4 languages at the same time. I can’t practice drawing, get in perfect shape, write, study Photoshop and graphic design, and make earrings. I can’t pull my life to pieces to get over that summer, and at the same time take on learning to cook. I can do some of those now- even a lot of them. I seem to be one of those people that love doing many things.

But there has to be a LINE. I’m learned to desire, to wish, to dream. I’m learned to research. No one has ever learned me to stop myself.

Endless overworking myself on more projects that I can handle, and refusing to deal with my emotions, is what led me to a breakdown in a first place. I want to achieve many things. Doesn’t mean I have to achieve them all at once. This year I want to dedicate to HEALTH.

I’m slowly learning to do what is healthy for me. And for a first time in my life, I don’t at all mean only things like eating well or exercising. I need to think over problems instead of exhausting myself in panicking first. I need to take only on as many projects as I can handle, and leave the other goals for when I finish those few. I need to not only get out of debts, but carefully plan to have some savings- even tiny ones.

Putting away all reminders of memories I sure won’t process yet- those having nothing to do with that summer- is good. Putting away all books and magazines I have been hoping to read for a long while, but I know I won’t touch soon- it’s a relief. Everything that I wish I can get to- but know I don’t have space for right now- it gets in boxes, put away.

Out of sight, out of mind. And the other way around. What you need in your life- put it in front of your eyes.

As I finish my post, I suddenly get something else, which is this rule. People are visual. This is why they always tell you in endless personal development programs or movies or books- make vision board, or put list of what you want on obvious space etc. As I box away those things that I can’t do, I feel the guilt for not doing them lifting. Out of sight- out of mind.

In kind of the opposite end of this principle, few weeks ago, I put a glass of water next to me each time I sit at the computer. From 0 cups daily, after few weeks, I’m up to drinking 4 cups daily easily. So now I know- I should try to leave out only what I truly need at the time. I will do more work if I have less tasks and don’t feel overwhelmed anyway.


2 thoughts on “Spring-Cleaning for Your Brain pt. 2

  1. Jessie says:

    “No one has ever learned me to stop myself.”

    Atlanta, what a dynamo of energy and aspirations… It is exactly the sort of energy needed to heal. It’s a big task to stop, and trim life down to the simple few tasks at hand that must be done. Good work! I know it is hard work you are doing.

    • Thanks:) I wish I always had that belief that I can do it, but right now it’s up and down every minute…but I will manage, of course, what else have I got to do? Hope you are doing fine lately, with the New Year coming I’ve had too little time to catch up on writing my blog, let alone reading other people’s. Hugs

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