Day 0: Seeking Africa

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I was watching this episode the other day of a TV show called Samantha Who. The main story revolves around Samantha, who has amnesia after she is hit by a car, and struggles with figuring out who she wants to be.

In that particular episode, she wants to “be a good person” and decides to go to Africa to help people. That made me think. We all seek our own Africa. It might be trying to be a better person, or a dream job we chase, or visiting a place on the other end of the world.

But even when we have enough courage to chase after what we want, there are things we can’t predict.

Chasing after my dreams, I couldn’t predict all.

I couldn’t predict I will get raped.

But I did.

I was raped a little after turning 21, and it turned my whole life upside down.

2 years later I have dealed with most of the emotional aftermath of the rape. I am not the scared girl looking after my shadow anymore.  So I’m chasing after my Africa.

Some days I’m still in pain, or angry. Getting over it is not a singular event. It happens in waves and moments, some close together and some far apart. Every time I think I have cleared all of it, some new aspect of it hits me. Sometimes  it’s hard getting out of bed, some days I have all the power I need to go on, and fight for my dreams. I never know which day will be which.

This blog is about rebuilding your life after something traumatic happens to you- and about achieving your dreams while doing so.

About dealing with the aftermath or rape and violence and finding the strength to move on.


2 thoughts on “Day 0: Seeking Africa

  1. Hullo SeekingAfrica, sorry to hear this happened to you, and hope that all goes well with your ‘chase after Africa,’ in whatever form that takes. It is hard and courageous work to rebuild a life after trauma.

    • Hi! I’m sorry it happened to you, too. No one should go through anything of the sort. I’m praying my chase goes well too(I will soon post what it is as well), which is ironic somewhat since I have almost no faith. I use to believe in energy and in myself at the very least, and lately it’s been hard to put my faith on anything, but I’m trying. It’s hard yes, but…may be it’s thanks to the fact that some time passed, or may be because I have a good support system now, that I believe rebuilding your life is completely possible and should be done. I believe that human spirit can be strong enough to rebuild from anything. I’m following how things go for you too, I wish you strength and faith. Hugs ❤

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